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הגירה ומעמד-משרד הפנים

Immigration and Civilian Status – the Ministry of Interior

Micha Luft – Law Firm specializes in immigration and civilian status cases as well as representation vis-à-vis the Ministry of Interior's Immigration and Population Authority.
In Israel, the Ministry of Interior serves and the government authority exclusively responsible for all matters concerning the registration of Israelis in the population registry as well as all permits (visas) granted to foreigners who are not Israeli. Dealing with the Ministry of Interior, particularly on important, complex and sensitive matters, can prove both difficult and frustrating. Many are unable to hold their own before the Ministry's officials and prefer to engage the services of an attorney, who can assist them in successfully completing the process. 
Adv. Michal Luft is highly proficient in all the various laws and regulation directing the Ministry of Interior and has years of experience in representing clients vis-à-vis the Immigration and Population Authority's various bureaus. At our office, you will receive ongoing assistance throughout the entire legal process, including requests for granting status to a partner (what is colloquially referred to in Hebrew as the "gradual process" or "family reunification"), requests for granting status for couples living together (or "common law partners"), requests for temporary residency status (A/5 Visa), humanitarian requests, entry into Israel requests, naturalization requests, immigration ("Aliyah") requests, requests for an expert worker visa, visa extension requests, reinstatement of residency status requests, paternity recognition requests, requests for granting status to an elderly parent, etc. 
In addition, should your request be rejected, adv. Michal Luft can assist you in filing an internal appeal against the Ministry's decision, an appeal to the Appellate Tribunal, an appeal against the Ministry itself, and so forth. Adv. Luft has extensive experience in representing clients before appeal tribunals that deal exclusively in matters of immigration and status within Israel, as well as before administrative courts and the Hight Court of Justice. 

We listen closely and plan strategically

at our office we will listen attentively to your personal ordeal and together formulate the best work plan to achieve success. 

Equal and attentive treatment 

our office is respectful of all people and provides all those requesting assistance with equal, attentive and compassionate treatment.   

 Experience and proficiency 

adv. Michal Luft is highly proficient in all applicable laws and regulations. Accordingly. Adv. Luft is extremely capable of ensuring that your rights will be respected and that your request will be dealt with in strict accordance with applicable law.

What makes us special?

Michal Luft represented us in an efficient and thoughtful way.  Her actions were always part of a calculated strategy, that ultimately led to an excellent result in the Tel Aviv district court. I recommend Michal without reservation as a capable, effective, and honest attorney

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