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מיכל לופט

Michal Luft Law Office specializes in Israeli administrative law and immigration law.

Our Firm provides close assistance in submitting applications to various government authorities as well as the filing of appeals and petitions before administrative agencies and competent courts.

Each of our clients is treated with respect and empathy and is offered uncompromising and thorough services, which are both professional and efficient.

We provide services in Hebrew, Arabic and English 

Don't Face Government Agencies Alone!

We all know that turning to government authorities and filing applications for various permits and licenses can be both daunting and frustrating. Many of us are ill-equipped to deal with these bureaucratic challenges and are insufficiently acquainted with the various laws and guidelines that determine our rights. On occasion, we sense that we are being belittled, disrespect, ignored and discriminated.

Our Law Firm is Here for You!

We will stand up for your rights

We are dedicated to professional and up-close legal assistance, delivered with care, determination, sensitivity and dedication to your legal rights, until a satisfactory result is attained.

Litigation Experience

We will submit, to the extent necessary, petitions before the Hight Court of Justice, administrative courts, and administrative tribunals.

Close Assistance

At our Law Firm you will receive up-close assistance throughout the entire administrative process – starting from the submission of the application and until an official decision is issued.

Extensive Experience

Our Law Firm has extensive experience in representing clients vis-à-vis state agencies in various administrative processes as well as in immigration and civilian status applications.

Areas of Practice

Administrative Law

Submitting applications for occupational licenses (e.g., doctors, engineers, contractors, etc.), registry to governmental aptitude exams, recognition of foreign academic degrees, evaluation of foreign academic degrees for wage purposes, termination and suspension of licenses and permits, administrative petitions, High Court of Justice petitions.

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Immigration and Legal Status – the Ministry of Interior

Filing applications for granting legal civilian status to a foreign spouse or partner, family reunifications, humanitarian requests, entry into Israel, naturalization, immigration to Israel ("Aliya"), registration of children, work visas, expert visas, petitions against the Ministry of Interior, appeals against Ministry of Interior, paternity lawsuits, High Court of Justice petitions. 

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Human Rights

Freedom of information applications from government authorities, petitions pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law, discrimination lawsuits against public and government institutions, discrimination in the workplace lawsuits, right to equality lawsuits, sex discrimination lawsuits, racial or ethnic discrimination lawsuits. 

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Human rights for future poster by Amnest

Entering and Exiting the Palestinian Authority

Entry permits into Israel, revocation of police prohibitions, revocation of security related prohibitions, entry of foreigners into the Westbank, permits to reside within the Westbank, employment permits for Palestinians, confiscation of goods at border crossings, entering of "dual-use" material into the Gaza Strip, export of goods from within the Gaza Strip. 

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  We will get back to you as soon as possible!

"Michal Luft represented us in an efficient and thoughtful way.  Her actions were always part of a calculated strategy, that ultimately led to an excellent result in the Tel Aviv district court. I recommend Michal without reservation as a capable, effective, and honest attorney"

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Success Stories

Restoring residency rights of a foreign woman, allowing her to remain in Israel with her children

Thanks to the work of adv. Michal Luft, the residency permit of a foreign national who had married and then divorced an Israeli citizen was reinstituted.   

Updates and News


About adv. Michal Luft, LLB/LLM

Adv. Michal Luft is a practicing attorney since 2013 and holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) magna cum laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as well as a Master of Laws degree (LLM) summa cum laude from the College of Management. To date she has assisted hundreds of clients in realizing their legal rights. 

In addition, adv. Luft has published editorials and professional articles in leading journals and is often invited to participate in various conferences and professional seminars. Adv. Luft further manages the "Foreigners and Immigration" forum in the Topaz website and is a member of of the foreigners and immigration committee of the Bar Association of Israel. 

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Michal Luft – Law Office specializes in Israeli administrative law and immigration law.

55 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv

Office Phone Number 03-9423323

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