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Administrative Law

Many of us may need to turn to governmental ministries with certain requests or objections. Israel's ministries are responsible for issuing permits, business licenses, subsidies, grants, etc., both with respect to individuals and corporations. Submitting applications for these purposes usually requires assembling numerous documents, filling out many forms, meeting certain criteria (some of which are not sufficiently clear), and then following up with the relevant authority until a decision is reached. 
All government ministries and state authorities are obliged to handle these requests in accordance with a set of values and principles which are known as "principle of good governance", or "administrative law". Officials are obligated to respond to the applicant adequately, and within a reasonable timeframe, and make their decision only after examining all the information brought before them. The decision must be rational, reasonable and fair, and, naturally, it is forbidden to reach a discriminatory decision or reach a decision due to ulterior considerations/motives (rather than those relevant to the case at hand).
Michal Luft Law Office specializes in administrative and licensing law. We will be happy to assist you in all stages of the application and in dealing with the various governmental authorities. Among other things, our office handles submissions of applications for occupational licenses (such as obtaining an MD license, a medical profession license, a health profession license, an engineer license, a contractor's license, etc.), registry to governmental aptitude exams, recognition of foreign academic degrees, evaluation of foreign academic degrees for wage purposes, obtaining permits to employ Palestinians in Israel, appeals to the Ministry of Defense against administrative seizure orders, obtaining permits to employ foreign workers, appealing decisions to terminate licenses and/or refusal to renew such licenses.
Adv. Michal Luft has years of experience in submitting and litigating administrative petitions (petitions submitted to the Court of Administrative Affairs) and petitions to the High Court of Justice – procedures that differ fundamentally compared to other, civilian lawsuits. Adv. Michal Luft has enjoyed a great deal of success the courts. In many cases, she was able to rescind of harmful decisions issued by state authorities, thus securing the relevant of licenses and permits for her clients.

What Makes Us Special? 

Ensuring your Legal Rights 

Michal Luft Law Office will ensure that your request will be processed by the government in accordance with the principles of proper administration.

Organization and order

Michal Luft Law Office excels in operating in an organized, coordinated and disciplined manner, working with many documents and forms. We are not afraid of bureaucracy!

Administrative Law is a unique field of law that requires the proficiency and expertise that can be found at Michal Luft Law Office

Specific Expertise in the Field 

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Success Stories

Restoring residency rights of a foreign woman, allowing her to remain in Israel with her children

Thanks to the work of adv. Michal Luft, the residency permit of a foreign national who had married and then divorced an Israeli citizen was reinstituted.   

Updates and News

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