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כניסה ויציאה משטחי הרשות הפלסטינית 

Entering and Exiting the Palestinian Authority 

Michal Luft law Firm specializes in all matters relating to entrance and exiting the Palestinian Authority – the West Bank and Gaza. 

Palestinians seeking to enter Israel for various purposes, or travel from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip (and vice-versa), foreigners who wish to enter areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority – all need to obtain a prior permit from Israeli authorities. The agency responsible for issuing such permits (and considering requests for such permits) is the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (known also as COGAT) – a unit within the Ministry of Defense. Part of COGAT are two important subunits: The Israeli Civilian Administration which is responsible for residents of the West Bank and the Coordination and Liaison Administration of the Gaza Strip, which is responsible for Gazan residents. 

Michal Luft has nearly a decade's experience in working vis-à-vis the the Ministry of Defense, COGAT, the Civilian Administration and the Gaza Strip Coordination and Liaison Administration.  Adv. Michal Luft would be pleased to assist you in submitting requests for entry permits to Israel, work permits in Israel, merchant licenses in Israel, entry permits for Israelis seeking to enter the Gaza Strip, requests for rescinding police prohibitions, requests for rescinding security-related prohibitions, requests for the entry of foreigners into the West Bank, requests for residency permits within the West Bank for Gazan residents, requests for a "Seam Zone" permits, etc.  

In addition, the Michal Luft Law Firm attends matters relating to import and export of goods from Israel to the Palestinian Authority, obtaining special licenses for entry of dual-use equipment into the Gaza Strip and filing appeals against decisions to confiscate goods and/or funds intended for Palestinian residents. Our law firm will be happy to represent you in filing a request for a special permit for the entry of dual-use equipment, filing requests for export of goods from the Gaza Strip, filing appeals against administrative confiscation orders and, if necessary, filing administrative petitions before an administrative court.   

Equal treatment in your language 

our firm provides services in Arabic, Hebrew and English and treats all its clients equally and courteously

 Success in obtaining permits 

our firm has an impressive record in obtaining permits for Palestinian residents.

Adv. Michal Luft has profound knowledge and experience in work vis-à-vis COGAT and the Civilian Administration and has extensive experience, having represented hundreds of Israeli, Palestinian and foreign residents before these agencies.


What Makes Us Special?


Success Stories

Repealing Security Prohibitions that were Imposed on Palestinian Residents and Prevented their Entry into Israel 

Adv. Luft has enjoyed much success in repealing such security restrictions, thus allowing for the issuance of the permit. Occasionally,  petitions to the District Court were required to achieve this goal

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