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Success Stories

Image by Joshua Armstrong

Following an Administrative Petition, COGAT Approved the Entry of Foreigners into the West Bank for a Family Visit and Published a General Procedure for the Entry of Foreigners into the West Bank during the Covid-19 Crisis

For many months, COGAT neglected to respond to a request, submitted by adv. Michal Luft's office, to allow German citizens to visit their family residing within the West Bank. It also refrained from publishing any general procedure regarding the entry of foreigners into the West Bank during the Covid-19 crisis, thus leaving the criteria for approving any applications as well as the timeframe for processing them unclear. Only following an administrative petition submitted to the district court, did COGAT announce that the foreigners' entry request was approved and published a general procedure for future requests of this nature. 

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Following an appeal to the Appellate Tribunal, the Ministry of Interior Retracted its Decision to Cancel a Residency Permit Granted on Humanitarian Grounds 

the decision to cancel the residency permit was carried out under a faulty process and lacked any substantiation. Shortly after the appeal was filed, the Ministry acknowledged that a mistake had been made  and transferred the case to back for reevaluation. the Ministry  Interior was ordered to pay 3,500 NIS in legal expenses.

Image by M.T ElGassier

Reinstating a Residency Permit to a Foreign Woman, so that She Could Reside in Israel alongside her Children

Thanks to the work of Adv. Michal Luft, a foreign woman who had been married to an Israeli man and later divorced him had her residency permit reinstated. Following the divorce, her permit had been annulled. Because the couple had small children who were all Israeli citizens, adv. Luft submitted a humanitarian request to reinstate the woman's permit, and the request was subsequently approved. Thanks to the permit, the woman was allowed to continue living in Israel alongside her children. 

Image by Nur Alamin

Following an Administrative Petition, the Ministry of Defense Returned Goods that were en Route to a Company in Gaza

The Ministry of Defense had issued an administrative order to seize a big shipment of printing paper, claiming that the paper was destined for a printing house that conducts business with Hamas. After an internal appeal within the Ministry of defense proved unhelpful, adv. Michal Luft petitioned the District Court in Tel Aviv. Following the petition, the Ministry of Defense announced that it was lifting the seizure order, seeing as the paper in question was indeed not intended for the commitment of a serious terrorist offense. The shipment was released and soon after entered Gaza. The court ordered the state to pay the client NIS 2,500 in legal expenses

Image by PHUOC LE

Assistance in Allowing the Entry  Foreigners to Israel for Reunification with their Israeli Partners

In a series of different cases, adv. Michal Luft was successful in approving and coordinating the entry into Israel of foreigners with Israeli partners, in the course of the Covid-19 crisis, and despite the severe entry restrictions in place at the time. Thus, adv. Michal Luft helped couples reunite and exercise their right to family life in Israel.

Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

Assistance in Obtaining Occupational Licenses

Adv. Michal Luft succeeded in revising a decision of the Electricians' Registrar at the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services, which had initially refused to grant an electrician license to one of our l firm's clients. Thanks to the professional work adv. Luft, who quickly contacted the Electricians' Registrar, the decision was revised, and the client received the long sought-after license. The license now allows the client to work within his profession and earn a decent living in Israel. 

Image by Андрей Курган

Naturalization for Permanent Residents 

Adv. Michal Luft specializes in submitting naturalization applications for permanent residents, and, thanks to her professional work, many residents who were born in Israel and grew up within the country, have received Israeli  citizenship. Thus, for the first time in their lives, these residents can enjoy the experience of having equal rights, exercise their right to vote and travel abroad with an Israeli passport.

Image by Andrea Buccelli

Evaluation of Academic Degrees Earned Abroad 

Adv. Michal Luft assisted a foreign resident, who had immigrated to Israel, in undergoing the process of evaluating the academic degree she had acquired abroad. Thanks to her professional and skillful work  vis-a-vis the Ministry of Education, the degree was evaluated and approved, so that the client can now work in Israel while receiving the salary rate provided  to an employee with an equivalent Israeli academic degree. 

Image by Szilvia Basso

Granting Citizenship to Children Born Abroad and to an Israel Man after their Mother had Passed Away - and Bringing them to Israel

in an exceptional and touching case, adv. Michal Luft was successful in  arranging the entry into Israel of three small children who had been born abroad, to an Israeli father and a foreign mother, after their mother had died. After months of delays by the Ministry of Interior, Adv. Luft intervened and within a week was successful in registering the children under the Population Registry, granting them citizenship, and bringing them into Israel. 

Image by Abdulaziz Mohammed

Approval of a Temporary Residency Permit (A/5 visa) for an Asylum Seeker Suffering from a Serious Medical Condition 

through a specific procedure intended for humanitarian cases, adv. Michal Luft was successful in obtaining a temporary residency permit for an asylum seeker who was suffering from a serious medical condition. The said asylum seeker had fled the genocide in Darfur (Sudan) and had  been living in Israel for more than ten years without any proper legal status. Today the new permit allows him to receive subsidized health insurance as well as various allowances and and grants from the National Insurance Institute, all which assist him in dealing with his illness.

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Repealing Security Prohibitions that were Imposed on Palestinian Residents and Prevented their Entry into Israel 

many Palestinian residents, from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, apply to receive entry permits to Israel (e.g. a work permit, trader permit, family visitation permit, a permit to accompany a sick patient, etc.) Many of these applicants discover, upon submitting the application that they have been placed under a security ban that prevents their receipt of said permit. Adv. Luft has enjoyed much success in repealing such security restrictions, thus allowing for the issuance of the permit. Occasionally,  petitions to the District Court were required to achieve this goal, and in these cases the court has ordered the State to pay legal expenses to the resident for being forced to take legal action. 

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Approval of West Bank Residency Permit for a Gaza Resident after he had Fled from the Gaza Strip, Years Ago 

through an exceptional procedure, adv. Michal Luft succeeded in convincing the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and the Civil Administration to issue a West Bank residency permit to a  Gaza resident who had fled the Gaza Strip when Hamas came to power and had been living abroad ever since. Thanks to the permit, the resident can now return to his homeland within the Palestinian Authority, live there in dignity and security and reunite with his extended family who also reside in the West Bank. 

Image by bhuvanesh gupta

Rescinding a Police Prohibition and Reinstating a Dwelling Permit for a Palestinian Woman who was Married to an Israeli 

several years after receiving a dwelling permit what allowed our client to live with her Israeli spouse and their Israeli children, the Ministry of Interior refused to renew the permit arguing there was an outstanding police case on her matter. After a quick inquiry by adv. Michal Luft, it became evident that the case had in effect been closed years ago, but due to negligent oversight by the Israeli Police, the District Attorney's Office, and the Ministry of Interior, the information on file was not up to date. Following a request filed by adv. Luft, the police updated their computerized registry to state that the case had indeed been closed and the Ministry of Interior restored the client's dwelling permit.  

Image by Esther Ann

Granting Legal Status to Foreign Partners of Israeli Citizens 

thanks to her skill and determination, adv. Michal Luft successfully represents many couples who ask that the Ministry of Interior grant legal status to their foreign partner. Adv. Luft provides comprehensive representation, from the initial stage of preparing the documents required for the application, preparation for the couple's interview, and culminating in the process's successful completion in obtaining the coveted visa. Thanks to Michal's assistance, many couples have been able to undergo as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

Image by Caleb Ekeroth

Reinstating the Residency Rights of Israeli Citizens who had Returned from a Prolonged Stay Abroad 

adv. Luft successfully  assisted Israeli citizens, who had returned from a prolonged stay abroad, in receiving an identity card and all the subsequent rights granted to Israeli residents. 

Image by Wadi Lissa

Following an Appeal before the Appellate Tribunal, the Ministry of Interior Agreed to Grant an Asylum Seeker a Temporary Residency Permit (A/5) 

Adv. Luft represented an asylum seeker from Darfur who, due to his age, was entitled to receive a temporary residency permit (A/5). Despite this, the Ministry refused to grant him the permit, arguing that in their systems he had been registered as being of a younger age. Adv. Michal Luft was able to correct the age of the client appearing in the registry, but the Ministry nonetheless persisted in its refusal, arguing that it could not grant any additional permits retroactively. Only after filing an appeal before the Appellate Tribunal did the Ministry withdraw from its previous position and agreed to grant the client the long sought-after permit.

Image by Heather Mount

Following an Appeal before the Appellate Tribunal, the Ministry of Interior Retracted its Decision to Terminate the Gradual Process of an Israeli and a Foreign Spouse 

after ten years of marriage and seven years holding a visa that allowed her stay in Israel, the Ministry of Interior informed the foreign spouse of an Israeli man that the process in her case was being terminated on the grounds that her relationship with the Israeli was not sincere. Adv. Michal Luft filed an appeal before the Appellate Tribunal challenging the decision and the tribunal subsequently ordered the Ministry to resume the process and restore the client's permit. 


Expediting Decisions regarding Import of "Dual-Use" Equipment into the Gaza Strip 

many merchants from Israel and the Gaza Strip are required to obtain prior approval in order to import into the Gaza Strip such equipment classified as "dual-use". Unfortunately, quite often those authorities charged with processing and approving these requests are quite late in delivering their decisions, resulting in significant commercial and economic loss for these merchants. In many such cases, the intervention of adv. Michal Luft vis-a-vis the competent authorities has resulted in the delivery of the decision within a matter of days.

Image by Fares Nimri

Following a Series of Administrative Petitions, the Ministry of Interior Reinstated Temporary Residency Permits (A/5) of the Members of a Large Family Living in the Negev 

the family members had been living in the Negev for years under temporary residency permits, which had been renewed on a yearly basis. Then, unexpectedly, one day the Ministry of Interior to suspend and then reject the renewal of the permits. Adv. Michal Luft's appeals before the Ministry remained answered and it was only after submitting administrative petitions to the Beer Sheva District Court that Ministry consented to reinstate the permits. In some of the petitions, legal expenses were awarded to the clients. 

Image by Aditya Romansa

Approving Entry Permits for Palestinian Spouses for the Purpose of Accompanying their Israeli Partners during Childbirth 

in several cases, adv. Michal Luft was successful in quickly obtaining the Civil Administration's approval for the entry into Israeli of Palestinian spouses whose Israeli partner was about to give birth in Israel. Thanks to the quick and determined intervention of adv. Michal Luft, the partner was able to be present at the birth and this participate in the emotional event together with his partner.

Image by Clarisse Meyer

The Ombudsman of the State Representatives in the Courts Accepted adv. Michal Luft's Complaint and Determined that it is a Legitimate Practice to Make Reference to the State's Position in other Cases as a Means to Support a Claim 

In the course of an appeal before the Appellate Tribunal, the state attorney objected to the fact that adv. Luft had referred to the state's responses in other cases in an attempt to prove that these contradicted the state's position in the appeal. After the (successful) conclusion of the appeal, adv. Michal Luft filed a complaint against the attorney for having raises this position. In his decision, the Ombudsman stated that there is nothing inappropriate in making reference to other responses issues by the state as a means to to support an appellant's claims, so long as it does not disclose information from confidential proceedings.

Image by Anthony Metcalfe

The Israeli Citizenship of an 80-year-old Woman was Restored 

the client was born in Israel but had lived most of her life abroad and, at one point, even chose to renounce her Israeli citizenship. Later, in her old age, she sought to return and live in Israel, but the Ministry of Interior impeded her request for citizenship for a period of months, thus forcing her to live in Israel as a tourist, without health insurance and other important rights. After contacting Michal Luft's law firm, adv. Luft quickly contacted the Ministry, which subsequently lifted its objections and summoned the woman to receive her Israeli citizenship.

Image by Adrian RA

Granting a Palestinian with an Israeli Entry Permit for the Participation in his own Wedding

Surprisingly, the Civil Administration refused to grant a Palestinian an entry permit, so that he could participate in his own wedding. The justification for the refusal was that though Palestinians are allowed to enter Israel to attend a relative's wedding, there is no criteria that allows Palestinians to marry within Israel. Only after adv. Michal Luft intervened and threatened  to take immediate legal action, the Civil Administration issued the client with the entry permit and the wedding was held as planned. 

Image by Scott Graham

Freedom of Information Requests sent by adv. Michal Luft Assisted in the Disclosure of Data relating to the Issuing of Permits, and in Receipt of Documents Belonging to the Firm's Clients 

under Israeli law, every person has the right to receive from state authorities those documents and information that belong or relate to him/her. When dealing with administrative procedures, and immigration/legal status in particular, documents such as interview minutes and copies of decisions that were made can prove extremely valuable. Adv. Michal Luft has taken action, in a series of cases, to obtain all the information and documents that relating to her clients from state authorities. 

Image by Saúl Bucio

A Complaint Submitted by Adv. Michal Luft to the Ombudsman on State Representatives in the Courts was Accepted 

adv. Michal Luft filed a complaint against the state attorneys in the Southern District Prosecutor's Office for continuously including incorrect and misleading statements in their responses to the court, regarding the law that binds them. The Ombudsman accepted the complaint in its entirety and determined that these were indeed false statements that should not have been submitted to the court. He ordered the Prosecutor's office to refrain from submitting these claims in the future. 

Image by Marvin Meyer

Renewal of High-Tech Workshop Permits for Palestinians that were Suspended without Prior Notice 

during the Covid-19 crisis, Israel unexpectedly decided to prohibit young Palestinian residents –  who held entry permits for the purpose of participating in workshops of in Israeli high-tech companies – from entering Israel. The authorities did not inform the participants of this in advance and did not explain why it had been decided to ban their entry, thus causing damages to both the participants and the hi-tech companies themselves. Following adv. Michal Luft's appeal to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories as well as the Civil Administration, the ban was lifted, and these young Palestinians were again able to enter Israel and participate in the workshops.  

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