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Family of Three

"Two Weeks after the Amendment to the Citizenship Law Expired, the State Refuses to Accept Family Unification Applications" 

Construction Workers at Work

"Thousands of Laborers from Gaza are working in Israel without Social Entitlements". adv. Luft: "Committing a Crime in Broad Daylight". 

mother’s love_edited.jpg

"Irreversible damage to a Palestinian mother of Israeli children who was deported to Gaza without a hearing"

Laws and regulations

The State is Toughening its Procedures


They Refuse to register Roy as married

Judge Gavel

"With the expiration of the Family Reunification Law, no legal vacuum was created"

Professional articles

the Ripeness Doctrine of Israeli High Court of Justice and the Admissions Committees Law-HUMAN RIGHTS

"Where has the Judicial Review of the Israeli Courts over State Actions Disappeared?"-HUMAN RIGHTS

“Living in a Legal Vacuum: The Case of Israel’s Legal Position and Policy towards Gaza Residents”, Israel Law Review 

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