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Palestinian Women Aged 40 and Above who are married to Israelis would be entitled to residency

Following a petition filed by various human rights organizations before Israel's High Court of Justice against this racist and discriminatory piece of legislation, the State of Israel has announced certain improvements in the law. According to government publications, Palestinian women aged 40 and above, who have been married to Israelis and who have held a family unification permit for at 10 consecutive years, will be able to file a request to "upgrade" their status to that of temporary residency (A/5) and thus receive an Israeli ID card. This improvement comes on top of an additional measure that was inserted into the law in 2022, under which men and women aged 50 and above, who held a family unification permit for at least ten years, would be able to "upgrade" their status to that of temporary residency. Residency status in Israel grants its holder many rights. Residents can receive subsidized health insurance and may be entitled to various allowances and payments from Israel's National Insurance Institute. In addition, residents can drive an automobile in Israel, enter and exit Israel through Ben Gurion International Airport and work within Israel in those fields that are subject to legislative regulation and, as such, are limited to residents or citizens (e.g., doctors, pharmacists, etc.). In order to receive an ID card one must file a request at the Ministry of Interior along with a long list of documents indication that the family's "center of livelihood" remains in Israel. All requests are transferred to the Israel Security Agency and the police, and it is possible that the couple will be summoned to an interview to examine whether they do in fact share a life in Israel. It is recommended to obtain the services of an attorney in filing such a request, so to ensure that it is properly examined and approved and also to avoid situation that could (God forbid) lead to the revocation of the family unification permit itself. Adv. Michal Luft has extensive experience and expertise in Palestinian-Israeli family unification requests as well as in status "upgrade" requests. If you comply with the above criteria and wish to file an "upgrade" request to receive an ID card – you are welcome to contact our office.


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